Our History

Where does the name “Tin Room” come from?

The name “Tin Room” is an homage to the past of Olde Burien and Ernie Eder’s Hi-Line Tin Shop, where the Tin Room Bar & Grill now resides. Ernie recently retired from his family business (started by his father, John Eder, in 1930). Ernie’s wife, Phyllis, was by his side throughout the changing times and together they weathered the advent of home improvement chain stores and mass produced products by concentrating on custom work. Not only was their work essential, but of great quality and craftsmanship.

When Hollywood came to Hi-Line Tin Shop

The Disney movie “White Fang” needed custom old fashioned chimney stacks for the shacks that they built for the set, and they needed them to be shipped within 24 hours! They called upon Ernie and he quickly rose to the task, fulfilling and shipping their order up to Alaska right on time.

What is left of Hi-Line Tin Shop?

Plenty! You can see some of the templates that Ernie used to create his work inlayed on the tables in Tin Room Bar. The tables were created by Milo (owner/bartender) from the benches used in Ernie’s shop. Some of Ernie’s tools, including a sheet metal roller (hung above the bar) are also on display. The original sign from Hi-Line Tin Shop now caps the entire bar. Newspaper articles adorn the walls of Tin Room Bar and, if you are lucky, you might even see Ernie himself visiting the place.